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"MBS was one of the most amazing times of my life! You go into a city with a bunch of guys you don't know, but you come out with a city of guys that will be your friends for the rest of your life. The memories you make at MBS will stay with you forever."

-- Caleb Patrick Crum '10
New Madrid, MO

Legislative Register

Missouri Boys State Colors

Boys State, like any other real state, has a living, working legislation system. Complete with its own Senate and House of Representatives, the Missouri Boys State General Assembly creates real bills and amendments. Citizens even have the ability to propse amendments the Boys State Constitution (giving the citizens the possibility to impact future sessions of Missouri Boys State).

All of the citizens involved in legislation, whether it is at the city, county, or state level, attend the Legislative School of Instruction to learn and practice the process of creating and passing new laws, as well as making amendments to existing ones. The school is lead by an all-star staff of men and women, with first-hand experience in various legislation areas, who provide the citizens with the knowledge and tools to properly run a working legislative chamber.

It's the kind of unique experience that can only be found here at Boys State!

General Assembly Daily Registers

Missouri Boys State Senate

Missouri Boys State House of Representatives

General Assembly Legislation

Legislation is added in real-time!





Did you know...
The Missouri Boys State House and Senate use the actual Missouri State Constitution as their model for the passing of bills and resolutions.



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