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"Boys State was good preparation for the college experience. Even if you aren't interested in politics, you still get the opportunity to do things and meet people you would not have otherwise gotten."

-- Alan Dale Scheeter '90
Sikeston, MO

    Day to Day Activities - Saturday, June 12th

Arrival and Registration

2020 marked the second time in our organization's history - and the first time since World War II - Missouri Boys State did not convene for its annual session. Today, after 728 long days of planning and replanning, the Boys State flag flew once at the University of Central Missouri. Some in their family cars and with others in packed buses, citizens arrived from every corner of the state in pursuit of a week to shape a lifetime. Greeted by the volunteer staff of the Carla Gray Cantina, citizens hurried through the registration process to enter their cities and meet their fellow citizens. This first city meeting would not last long, however, as soon after registration ended they took a trip to the opening night assembly at Hendricks Hall.

Emerge and Recover

Citizens were greeted to the 81st session of Missouri Boys State by Director Brad Lear, Dean of Counselors Nick Ebert and MBS Governor Larry Wilson. Wilson implored citizens to seize every opportunity throughout the week and take risks, while taking into account our nation's reemergence on the world stage and recovery from the pandemic.

To cap off the evening, former United States Senator and Ambassador to the United Nations John Danforth treated citizens to a conversation with Professor Steve Grand. Danforth emphasized unity and the importance of reaching across the political aisle, while recounting tales of his time with the Bush and Reagan administrations. At the end of his address, Senator Danforth asked that MBS citizens persevere in the face of the unprecedented adversity of the last year -the perfect message to start off a once-in-a-lifetime session.

MBS Record

The citizens of Missouri Boys State publish a paper that is delivered to the citizens every morning. Copies of this paper are published here every day for your enjoyment. Today's edition is available here.

Additional Photos

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Did you know...
In addition to almost 500 Citizen attendees, Missouri Boys State brings over 150 volunteers that give over a week of their time to make this session possible.



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