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"When I got home and actually thought about what I had just gone through I had a moment of clarity: my role in the House of Representatives changed my life. Fighting for rights and legislative bills was amazing. This program changed my life, thank you so much."

-- Alexander Richard Wilson '11
Florissant, MO

    Day to Day Activities - Monday, June 18th

Cities Come to Life

Monday morning at Missouri Boys State marks the beginning of independence within the cities. Now, Mayors lead the daily city meetings, City Council members are deciding their own laws, and city beautification begins across the state. After attending their Schools of Instruction, citizens take their newfound knowledge back to their cities to begin laying the foundations of their blossoming municipalities.

In the afternoon, every county will host a Politcal Party Rally. During these meetings every citizen will be able to voice his opinion on what stances and viewpoints that they think their county should stand behind. After their political platform has been ratified, the citizens will host a caucus within their party for their county Government. This will allow candidates to address their constituents in preparation for the County Election Tuesday morning.

Become a Man of Service

Tonight, the program welcomed Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt at the evening assembly. Treasurer Schmitt spoke about his experiences as a Missouri State Senator, allowing the citizens to see into the life of the Missouri born politician. Treasurer Schmitt enlightened the citizens with details about the modern economy: Relative volitility, constant acceleration of innovation, and the new unprecedented age of career switching. However, despite such economic uncertainty, Schmitt conveyed the massive opportunities available for Missouri Boys State citizens to become men of service; through non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, military service, or even public office. Then, the Treasurer encouraged the citizens to find any way to serve their communities, no matter how small. Schmitt also highlighted the importance of citizenship - especially within the United States - on how unique the idea was at the time of the Founding Fathers. To close his speech, he gave the citizens a call to action: it is their responsibility to continue the tradition of citizenship.

MBS Record

The citizens of Missouri Boys State publish a paper that is delivered to the citizens every morning. Copies of this paper are published here every day for your enjoyment. Today's edition is available here.

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Did you know...
In addition to almost 1,000 Citizen attendees, Missouri Boys State brings over 150 volunteers that give over a week of their time to make this session possible.



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