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"As an MBS alumni, I must say MBS was an incredible experience! Keep on keepin' on!"

-- Cole Taylor Duensing '10
Clinton, MO

Democracy in Action

The 2017 Missouri Boys State Awards ceremony was held in the University of Central Missouri Multipurpose Building on Saturday morning.

The countless accomplishments made throughout the week were formally recognized with an award ceremony, marking the end of a fantastic 78th session of Missouri Boys State.

Throughout the week, these high school juniors were given the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and understand the impact they can have on themselves and the world around them. These leaders have made lifetime friends and memories, truly making Boys State A Week To Shape A Lifetime.

Citizen of the Week Scholarship
Winner: Paul Odu - Carnahan City, Kansas City, MO
Receives $10,000 Scholarship ($2,500 renewable for four years)

1st Alternate
Harmon Garret - Carver City, Lawson, MO
Receives $2,500 Scholarship

2nd Alternate
Tucker Chase - Ingle City, Wahiawa, HI
Receives $1,500 Scholarship

Additional Alternates:
Levi Cohen - Clark City, Pleasant Hill, MO
Raphael Dohmen - Doniphan City, Joplin, MO
Collin Jaegers - Richardson City, Tebbetts, MO
Aman Patel - Pershing City, Springfield, MO
D'Nikko Richardson - Kohn City, Hayti, MO
Receive $500 Scholarship each

Boys Nation Delegates
Thomas Hawatmeh - Lewis City, Chesterfield, MO
Devin Haas - Gambrel City, Chesterfield, MO

1st Alternate
Isaac Eastlund - Blair City, St. Louis, MO

2nd Alternate
Adam Ryan - Lewis City, Lee's Summit, MO

Boys Nation will be held on the campus of Marymount
University in Arlington, VA, July 21-29, 2017.

Samsung American Legion State
Scholarship Winner and National Finalist

Justin Cobb - Weyer City, Jefferson City, MO
Scholarship amount to be announced.

Charlie W. Mickey Scholarship Winner
Caleb Geniuk - Carver City, Kansas City, MO
Receives $750 Scholarship

Harry S. Truman Model City Award
Pershing City

Jerry Litton Model County Award
Frank County (Boone City and Crowder City)

Athletics Competition
Lewis City (1st Place)
Duggan City (2nd Place)
Blair City (3rd Place)

2017 Staff Scholarship
Noah Cassity
Patrick Murray
Ridge Hester

2017 Governor's Cup Challenge Winner
The Amazing 2017 MBS Staff -- 78 years in a row!

Citizen of the Week

Citizen of the Week: Elton Fay, Tucker Chase, Paul Odu, and Harmon Garrett


Boys Nation Delegates and Alternates: Thomas Hawatmeh, Isaac Eastlund, Devin Haas, and Adam Ryan


Staff Scholarship

Staff Scholarship Winners: Patrick Murray, Ridge Hester, and Noah Cassity


Governor's Cup: Adam McClellan and John Blesz accepting the 2017 Governor's Cup Trophy

Outstanding Awards
2017 Outstanding Awards Winners

Outstanding Lobbyist
Dayne Hawley, Lewis City


Outstanding Representative
Justin Cobb, Weyer City

Outstanding Senator
Connor Ouchi, Pershing City


Outstanding Legislative Staff
Robert Fahrenholtz, Richardson City

Outstanding State Appointed Official
William Shafer, Kohn City


Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer
Matthew Decker, Weyer City

Outstanding Fireman
Zach Toole, Doniphan City


Outstanding Attorney
James Hirsch, Carnahan City

Outstanding Judge
Oliver Blitz, Whitfield City


Outstanding Journalist
Austin Cecil, Lewis City

Outstanding City Clerk
Nathan Schweiger, Duggan City


Outstanding Businessman
Christopher Dillon, Richardson

Outstanding City Treasurer
Queston Poole, Lewis City


Outstanding Political Party Chairman
Devin Haas, Ingle City




The citizens of the 2017 session of Missouri Boys State started the morning with mixed feelings, whether it be happy for being apart of the experience or sad to be leaving their new friends as they cleaned up their room and city area for the last time as citizens. It would be the last of a lot of things today, last breakfast, last assembly, and for some, last time seeing some of the incredible new people they met only seven, short days ago.

The first event of the day would be the Democracy in Action. Democracy in Action was a demonstration of the knowledge and tools learned by the citizens in their stay at Boys State, shown to the family and friends of the citizens.

After DIA, all citizens, staff, and families would file into the multipurpose building for awards. Outstanding performer awards would go out to the following categories such as: Journalist, Lobbyist, Clerk, Treasurer, Attorney, Law Officer, Businessman, Judge, Party Commissioner, and Legislator.  The winner of the highly-prized Model City was announced, as well as Model County. Each year, Boys Nation is held in Washington D.C. and each Boys State sends 2 delegates to represent their state, a very high honor. Also, a citizen who embodied the program of Boys State the best was named Citizen of the Week along with an $10,000 scholarship to the college of their choice, the highest individual honor at Boys State. The staff was awarded their 78th consecutive Governor’s Cup award, remaining undefeated. Richardson City would then take home the prize of the city Athletic Competition. Three staff members each year are awarded with the Staff Scholarship to the college of their choice, worth $2,500.

The ceremony would be closed with remarks by Director Matt Dameron, reflecting back on the amazing week. Reminding the citizens of all that they accomplished while here and the accomplishments to come in the future. Director Dameron would remind the citizens to be leaders in their communities or wherever life may take them and to put service before you. The session would be officially closed leaving the citizens with memories and friendships to last them a lifetime.

The American Legion Department of Missouri

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