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"I definitely learned the meaning of brotherhood."

-- Colton Short '12
Nevada, MO

    Day to Day Activities - Thursday, June 22rd

Nearing Completion

Polls opened for the general election this morning and the candidates campaigned for as many votes possible. Every citizen wishes to make the most of their time; whether they want to win a state position, help earn Model City, or pass a bill. The choices the citizens make today and on Friday will shape the 78th session of Missouri Boys State. Soon after their group photo session they will discover which citizens they elected to serve as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer, and Attorney General.


The political process is complete, the state officials are elected and the excitement is statewide. Find out who was elected at our election results page. The cities are ready for business and every function of the government is in place for the changes that the citizens want to see. The entire state is in their hands now, fullfilling the program's adage, "it's your Boys State."


The evening assembly consisted of several elements. To begin, the Senate and House held a joint session with a formal opening and legislative procedures for all of Boys State. Following the opening, the newly elected State officers were sworn in to their position and the Missouri Boys State Governor elect took the oath of office, carried out by Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. After taking the oath of office, Newly elected Governor of Missouri Boys State Cason Suggs addressed the citizens, thanking them for their support and proposing initiating lower taxes.

Attorney General Josh Hawley delivered the keynote address for the evening, encouraging the citizens to uphold the tenets of justice and the law, and to take on the responsibility of being a citizen of the United States. Attorney General Hawley then spoke on the issue of human trafficking, citing it as modern-day slavery, and challenged the citizens to join the fight against trafficking. Later, he encouraged the citizens to give back to society and confront issues rather than remaining indifferent.

MBS Record

The citizens of Missouri Boys State publish a paper that is delivered to the citizens every morning. Copies of this paper are published here every day for your enjoyment. Today's edition is available here.

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Did you know...
In addition to almost 1,000 Citizen attendees, Missouri Boys State brings over 150 volunteers that give over a week of their time to make this session possible.



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