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"It's been one of the greatest experiences of my life."

-- Ethan Ramsey '15
Sarcoxie, MO

    Day to Day Activities - Wednesday, June 21st

Statewide Primaries

Today, the citizens selected their party candidates for state office, putting them one step closer to a fully functioning state government. Missouri Boys State is almost complete, only lacking state officers and appointed state officials. Schools of instruction and governmental activities occupy the early part of the day where citizens make several decisions concerning law and policy. After a busy morning, the citizens will attend a Gubernatorial debate and a joint party rally in the evening.

With some close races and controversy, the election results are in! A Boys State citizen from each of the two Boys State parties has been elected to run as their party's candidate in the state general election on Thursday. The general election is the final step to completing the state government, filling the offices of Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor, State Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Governor.




Gubernatorial Debate

The citizens elected to be their political party's candidate for governor took part in a gubernatorial debate in front of their Boys State peers this afternoon. The candidates were asked various questions by officials of the media departments at Boys State. The gubernatorial candidates had the opportunity to respond to concerns regarding leadership skills, taxes, highway laws, and various other issues; all in an effort to persuade more voters for the general election on Thursday morning.

Joint Party Rally

After the state candidates spoke at the joint party rally, the entire state opened for business. Candidates campaigned in every corner of the state, businesses strived for more profit, and courts pursued justice and precedents. Citizens everywhere, whether spectating in businesses or performing civic duties, are nearing the completion of their Boys State. One city meeting and a nights rest before the polls open to conclude the last election of Missouri Boys State. Who will they choose? Tomorrow they will complete their boys state government, all offices filled and working together.

MBS Record

The citizens of Missouri Boys State publish a paper that is delivered to the citizens every morning. Copies of this paper are published here every day for your enjoyment. Today's edition is available here.

Additional Photos

More Photos From The Session





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Did you know...
In addition to almost 1,000 Citizen attendees, Missouri Boys State brings over 150 volunteers that give over a week of their time to make this session possible.



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