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"I did not know what to expect when I walked in, but when I walked out, I ended up making many new friends. At first, I thought that "A Week to Shape a Lifetime" was just a catchy slogan, but it ended up being exactly what it said it was."

-- Colin Landers Darnell '12
Rolla, MO


Missouri Boys State in Action - 2017 Political Platforms

Citizens discuss their party's paltform.

The citizens of Missouri Boys State are divided into two political parties, the "Federalists" and the "Nationalists." These titles have no real political connotation. Citizens are assigned to political parties randomly. Political parties afford the opportunity for collective thinking and sincere cooperation in analyzing problems that affect citizens as a whole. Political parties develop platforms which define party aims and ideals. In Boys State each party develops their own platform at the ward, city, county, and state level. These platforms often include positions on both real world and Boys State issues that party members feel are in the interest of Boys State citizens.



     Nationalist Party Platform

Tax Reform

  • Retain the current flat tax of 10%.

  • Institution of a sales tax at the rate of 15% to raise revenue.

  • A business registration fee of $40, but no business tax.

Toll Abolishment
As the main purpose of our party is to be the mouth of business, we would eliminate tolls in their entirety if elected.

Environmental Care
As we are guests at UCM, we shall levy heavy fines for littering and the like.

Although these isues require some regulation of the cities, we still want to leave most of the power to the municipalities.

The people who enforce our laws are important, we need to pay them more! Generally, our police are underpaid.


      Federalist Party Platform


First and Foremost Pro-Business

The Federalist Party strongly supports all businesses-including casinos. We will fight to eliminate barriers to starting new businesses and oppose business registration fees while encouraging job creation through lower taxes.

Power to the Cities!
City governments are closer to their citizens than state government are, so the Federalist Party wants to restore power to the people by protecting the ability of cities to govern without an overbearing state government.

Free Trade, Free Movement
Because tariffs hinder the ability of businesses to sell their products and services, the Federalist Party opposes tariffs. Our party also opposes exorbitant tolls that discourage inter-city travel.

Inter-City Initiative
Federalists encourage cities to send ambassadors to sit in on other cities' meetings to increase inter-city communication and collaboration.

City Beautification
A city Beautification Committee will ensure that cities are in their best physical shape and neighborhoods do not fall into disrepair.

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out
Recipients applying for welfare programs must have a petition signed by four business owners proving that ehy have sought employment elsewhere. Welfare recipients may not use casinos. A portion of business tax revenue will be invested into welfare programs so that those who wish to be successful at MBS are ensured that opportunity.

Low Taxes
Federalists support a flat tax of 8% for all citizens and a rate of 8% for established businesses.

Respect Our Fellow Citizens
There is no tolerance for bullying or otherwise disrespecting anyone of any position within Missouri Boys State. This includes a no tolerance policy on theft on personal items. Those who violate these standards will be promptly prosecuted and tried in the court of law. There will also be no tolerance for the destruction, disrespect, and pollution of state grounds, litterers will be fined.

Human Rights
The Federalist Party supports the creation of a Human Rights Commission to investigate allegations of human rights violations and refer violations to the Office of the Attorney General. The Commission would also recommend legislation to the General Assembly that prohibits discrimination in any form and guarantees equal rights for all.

Care for the Citizens
We will commit to investing in study groups and academic resources to ensure that every MBS citizen passes his final exam. We will also advocate for more free time to ensure low stress levels and greater enjoyment of MBS activities.

Federalists give thanks to the legionnaires and counselors who have served our country and who make MBS possible.


The American Legion Department of Missouri

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