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"I loved MBS. As mayor, it is absolutely amazing getting back into my community and relating to all the issues that plague my city. I can understand the job descriptions and the amount of work it takes to keep a thriving community stable."

-- Zachary Sethman Smith '12
Ozark, MO

80th Session In Full Swing!

The 80th Session of Missouri Boys State is almost complete. Cities are now focusing on the Model City competition: enhancing their municipalities with hand crafted parks, completed roadways, and laws. Counties have just begun to operate independently; Presiding Commissioners are bringing sister cities together in an attempt to capture the Model County Award. All throughout Boys State citizens are finding themselves with an increased amount of independence, trying to figure out how to make their experience at Missouri Boys State a memorable one.

For several hours each day, citizens have been attending their Schools of Instruction to learn how to be the best at their new jobs. Business Owners attending the Commerce School are fine tuning their prices after experiencing changes in supply and demand. City Councilors and Mayors are thinking of new laws and regulations to make their cities safer and more efficient. Representatives and Senators are debating bills and trying to make Missouri Boys State better for future citizens. See what MBS Legislators have done so far Here.

Missouri Attorney General Addresses MBS

Attorney General of Missouri Eric Schmitt

The program welcomed the Attorney General of Missouri Eric Schmitt Tuesday evening. Schmitt focused on the accomplishments of Missouri, reminding and informing the citizens of famous and important Missourians. Schmitt enstilled into the citizens the importance of service to one's community. Detailing how he chose to be a public servant through the law. Schmitt kept his prepared message short, as to allow more time to answer questions from the MBS Citizens.

Before the Keynote Speech on Tuesday, Missouri Boys State was welcomed by Legion Riders, a group of Legionares that support the American Legion. They have visited MBS in the past, but 2019 marked a special year, as it is the 100th anniversary of the American Legion.

Statewide Candidates Announced!

Statewide Election Results will be Announced Thursday afternoon. You can see the results here.

2019 Federalists 2019 Nationalists

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